Workshops are physically/mentally demanding as well as FUN! We offer a variety of activities ranging from traditional dance and tumbling programs to corporate team building retreats. Most workshops are 2 hours in duration and cost between $70 – $95, depending on the activity. 

Grounded Aerial® can also custom design a workshop for the needs of our clients. For more information on group rates or half-day workshop pricing please contact us at




Explore rotation, bounce and swing while safely suspended from two side points. After mastering the basics in the safety of the air, we lower the attachment points to use the ground, allowing for even more dynamic movement possibilities.




Pilobolus’ group work and investigatory nature greatly influenced Karen as a facilitator and mover. Performing around the world with this company has reinforced that dance is just as much a reflection of self-awareness as it is physical technique. While technique hones the body, it is the truth of the mover that holds our attention. Modern/Improv workshops focus on unveiling the inner drive and motivations behind movement. These workshop encourage movements potentially outside of participant’s comfort zone. We investigate breath, imagery, and brave choices as well as the artistry/commitment to all movements. Students take chances here which enable them to be the best performer; exploring options they might not have considered before. 


Whether you’re a former Gymnast or a first time tumbler, Grounded Aerial® accommodates all levels to create a tumbling workshop which is both fun and challenging. We use progressive training techniques to enhance rotational control and vestibular awareness in a multitude of axes. Plus, it’s a lot of flippin’ FUN!



A group-effort class that focuses on team building and communications skills. Half of the class is in the air, and the other half is on the ground (then we switch). This workshop is for people that want to investigate group conflict/resolution. Via critical thinking, physical demands, and the exploring of movement, captivating group pieces are created…almost as an afterthought! Find out how to work together in a totally fun and innovative way. Often this course results in deep bonds due to the creative process that usually involves laughter, discussions, and focused concentration. You and your co-movers will be talking about this for years, and you’ll have the footage to show for it.




In addition to our popular workshops listed above, Grounded Aerial® is fully capable of hosting workshops with the following areas of focus.


Introduction to Dance

Dance Composition

Dance for the Circus Artist




Musical Theater Dance

Theatrical Character Development

Children’s Obstacle Course



Student Testimonials

“Aerial is a useful skill in the evolving theater world, and I want to know and experience all I can for the competitive professional edge…awesome class!” -James Bullard, NYC professional actor

“As an amateur dancer, I never imagined I could move this way….the air becomes so exhilarating.”
-David Schleifer, Mover

“This workshop was the perfect combination of adventure and encouraging attention. The amount of experience we got in the air was phenomenal.” -Liz Buehler, Professional dancer

“Weightlessness, expression, and a fierce work out. ” -Jon Morris, Off-broadway show, Fuerza Bruta professional aerialist

“THANK YOU so much for such a thrilling class!!!! AHHHHH!!!! You ROCK!! ” -Karina Casiano, Professional actress

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