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Grounded Aerial creates immersive theatrical experiences. Our pioneering leadership in virtual reality brings the awe of the theatre into your living room.

COVID-19 continues to wreak havoc on theater revenues and schedules. Theaters are pushing their 2019 programs to 2022, and there is little performance art.

We exploit 360º cameras with imaginative choreography to fully capture the intimacy and raw emotion of live theater. You are in the middle of the scene with the actors, aerialists, and musicians all around you.

Our VR partner, Musae, presents performances on-demand and with tiered pricing options. Enabling us to offer great value to customers of any budget.

The maturing medium of virtual reality presents new opportunities for creative expression. With VR, every seat is front-row, and there are no parking/travel expenses. Low-cost smartphones continue to make this tech more accessible.

Grounded Aerial is thrilled to add this new frontier to our list of accomplishments.

We are excited to explore this medium with our music partner, the world-famous jazz fusion trio, Medeski Martin and Wood.

Insectinside appeals to Cirque and jam band fans, theater go-ers, jazz enthusiasts, Millennials, and seekers of novel and compelling experiences.

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“When you tell Karen you would like to suspend aerialists over water, or off the side of a high rise…she takes it further by telling you (not “NO WAY” ) but instead, exactly how she plans to do that for you and add even more wow to it.”

-Lumincity Entertainment Division (L.E.D.)

“My friends and I had an absolute blast! We all did our first class at the Performance Garage. My abs hurt so bad the next day from working out and laughing the entire time! Added bonus, Karen is SO much fun and so talented. She really made it such a fun experience.“

– bungee class student

“Karen’s passion for bungee training is infectious! Such a cool and fun experience! The training is so informative and she really devotes herself to helping you learn every aspect of the course! “

– teacher training student

“Not only are they consummate professionals, but also visionaries who never question even my wildest ideations!”

– theatrical event client

Grounded Aerial helps to remind us, via movement, that we are magical