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Grounded Aerial® specializes in teaching aerial bungee classes, workshops, and teacher trainings. Our bungee classes enable us to travel the world sharing the infectious joy of aerial bungee. Click here to find out more about Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training.


“Grounded Aerial® Bungee classes were fun, well organized, and left our students wanting more. GABT teacher training was fantastic. Jason and Karen both played to their unique and individual strengths, forming a brilliant team that covered the safety, choreography, and teaching components of the course impeccably.”

-Alisha Smith 

Integral Aerial Silks – Australia

“What a team Karen and Jason are! I absolutely appreciated the professionalism, knowledge and skill they have shared. I absolutely love seeing the positive effects in each participant! If you are thinking of hosting Grounded Aerial you wont regret it!!”

-Angharad James   

Studio 17 – Wales


We negotiate profit sharing (70/30 Grounded Aerial®/Host) for bungee classes making it a win-win for both parties. We offer a new and exciting movement to your existing students while attracting new customers. 

The size and duration of a program can be customized to suit your needs.

Let Grounded Aerial® jump-start your bungee business. See below  for details and profit projections.


Bungee Class Profit Projections


Who can host?

Grounded Aerial® requires a minimum of 3 suitable anchoring points (may be exposed structural beams or purpose built anchors) and a recommendation of 8′ between each point/walls. Three points would be the minimum, 8-10 points is ideal. Not sure if your space qualifies? Send us a pic and dimensions. We also ask for a minimum number of trainers of 5. Not all must be from your studio. We also market in your region to pull trainers from neighboring areas.

Why should I host?

We excel at creating classes for all levels, workshops and training/certification. This approach enables you and your staff to save time and money since no time off or travel is needed to receive training. This is a great way to stir interest, generate revenue and to offer unique experiences to your people. These classes sell out.

We negotiate, so we can assist your bottom line. Our usual arrangements are 70/30 – 60/40 split for the classes and workshops (not the certification) between Grounded Aerial®/Host. 

But I don’t have gear!

No worries. Grounded Aerial® can provide all the gear necessary for classes, workshops and trainings. If you decide to buy your own equipment prior to the event, we waive any gear consultation fee for our host facilities. (Adrenalin Dreams, our preferred supplier, has lead time of 4-6 weeks on most orders)

How much will it cost?

We work with the individual needs of each host studio to come to an equitable arrangement. One week of classes nets most small studios ~$1,000 of profit after expenses and fee split.

What other classes and workshops does Grounded Aerial® offer?

Grounded Aerial can be at your studio before and after the certification, offering numerous choices and disciplines of classes and workshops to various groups.  It’s a great way to generate revenue,  stir excitement about your studio, offer new things to your clients, and to get the community involved! Universities, special needs organizations, travel associations, arts councils, local press, local theaters…can and should be contacted to create a proper stir, and make the most out of our visit to you!  Win/win/win!!

Straight technique classes for ALL adult levels in: Modern, Ballet, Musical Theater, Jazz, Tap, Tumbling, Ninja obstacle courses.

Choreography Development and Creation – 6 year olds to senior citizens,–Everyone can make dances. For non-dancers! Ms. Fuhrman has toured the world holding workshops such as these via the modern dance company, Pilobolus. Utilizing team-building strategies, we develop our self-esteem, stimulate creativity, get a great work out, and laugh a lot. From girls night out to executives that need to work on their communication skills…this is fun.

Line and Strengthening -This class can be for novices to pre-professionals to work on their ballet, stretch, and strength. Exercises and combinations that will enhance performance, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Character Development -Ms. Fuhrman assists and facilitates what the artist is already working on. She takes her 20 years in the industry and enhances the piece with technical precision and detailed artistry. With an already created piece, or an idea requiring further developement– this class helps develop work to the next level via journaling, lecturing, and application. (for the air or on the ground)

Stretch for All– The advantages of stretch have been proven scientifically as a giant aid to health and happiness. A combination of yoga, ballet, and Pilate’s accessible to all levels enables enhanced movement to all types.  With her Masters in Dance Education, Ms. Fuhrman gently and diligently assists each person to relax, strengthen, let go, and stretch via breath, imagery, and anatomical aides.

Tumbling for Adults– Want to do that handstand again?  Work on feeling comfortable upside down?  Get a workout that is just different and fun?  Jason Heartsfield as taught ALL level tumbling to all ages.  He’s safe, clear and supportive. (and really fun)

Contact Improv class/ Weight sharing– learn to move with a partner and develop muscles and communication skills that enhance your physique and ability to interact and problem-solve with others. For ALL ages and movers.  Improves stability and balance.  A ton of exploration that helps illuminate the importance of staying in present moment and that application to life.  Very therapeutic.

Grounded Aerial® Bungee Classes– bounce like a baby in a bouncy chair while getting the workout of your life- and abs of steel.  If you have dreamt of soaring through the air with larger than life leaps- then take this class.  Do flips, with out getting close to the ground, safely and clearly. 

Wall Dancing– Dancing and flipping on the wall. A ridiculous work-out, perspective shifter, a really fun time– and another reality of the horizontal aerial world.  Abs for days.

What is included in Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training?

Certification and licensing includes: 

    • Harness safety instruction
    • Bungee safety and rigging instruction
    • Working relationship with our bungee manufacturer who can customize to your studio’s dimensions and needs
    • History lesson of aerial dance
    • Class themes, choreography and repertoire
    • Over 40 phrases (terms) and ways to move
    • Front-point and back-point work establishing full frontal and dorsal work out
    • Holistic training approach incorporating Mind, Body, and Spirit into the educational process
    • Lessons on how to apply aerial concepts to life and art
    • Insights into the “business of aerial work”
    • Information on posture benefits 
    • Adaptive exercise modifications
    • Corrective techniques using hands-on adjustments
    • Class structure and formatting
    • Lessons plans for beginning, intermediate, and advanced aerialists
    • Pedagogy of creative and fitness development that has been honed over the last 20 years
    • Promotional support through Grounded Aerial®
    • Continued support and assistance
  • Upon the conclusion of this program, participants have passed both written and movement exams, as well as an instructional test. Licensed trainers also agree: to provide video samples of their classes, to collaborate in the analysis of class videos, and to adhere to the standards of safety, professionalism and excellence established by Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training

16-Hour Certification Program Cost:

  • $850.00 per person training fee  ($100 Early bird discount may apply to registrations purchased 5 weeks prior to certification date. Discount applied to licensing fee. First 4 months free.)

As a requirement for certification, trainers will sign a limited licensing agreement for $25 per month. (Billed monthly or annually). Use of the Grounded Aerial® name, logo and marketing materials is included in this agreement. This small fee also allows us to offer continued support with GA®BT LIVE.

Grounded Aerial® LIVE  is an efficient and affective way to stay connected to trainers across the world. Accessing Grounded Aerial® cutting edge choreography motivates and rejuvenates clients’ interest and the movements are fun and challenging for all levels. The licensing fee can be waived for performers and clients who agree not to teach bungee classes. (Requires additional contract addendum)

The benefits of Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training LIVE
1. Frequent content updates (new moves!)
2. Cataloged individual terms always available 24/7 (front and back point- Grounded Aerial® signature terms)
3. Teaching Tools.  Monthly “Watch a full class” developed by Owner and Artistic Director Karen A. Fuhrman. Broken down into segments that are illustrating the “how” in teaching bungee.  
4. Networking blog for international support, business solutions, problem-solving, troubleshooting, creative ideas, and community.

5. Comprehensive music play lists that guide theclass structure.
6.Promotion opportunities on a global level.  Videos from GA®BT instructors are selected and highlighted on our SEO website that has been established for 18 years. (read- type in” aerial bungee” on google, and we pop up, and that means so do you!)
New phrases performed by professional aerialists (broken down in clear beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels) can be accessed via a password.  Message board comments can also be posted to answer questions or begin discussions with our international community. This is truly a global connection and support group of like-minded folk that learn from each other. We connect aerial movers, studio owners, and fitness gurus around the world.
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