Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training ™ events will be held in Florida during the month of February and Los Angeles during March. To register visit


Aerial is your passion, and we want to help enable this passion to be a concrete, certified and mastered reality. Our comprehensive certification program empowers those who complete it to deliver professionally-founded artistic instruction from the innovative cutting edge of Aerial Art, backed by world renown Grounded Aerial.


Certification training includes: 

  • Harness safety instruction 

  • Bungee safety and rigging instruction 

  • Bungee distributor information 

  • History lesson of aerial dance 

  • Class themes, choreography and repertoire 

  • Lessons on how to apply aerial concepts to life and art 

  • Insights into the “business of aerial work” 

  • Information on posture benefits 

  • Adaptive exercise modifications 

  • Corrective techniques using hands-on adjustments 

  • Class structure and formatting 

  • Lessons plans for beginning, intermediate, and advanced aerialists 

  • Pedagogy of creative and fitness development that has been honed over the last 20 years 

  • Promotional support through Grounded Aerial/The Motion Center 

  • Continued support and assistance 

    Upon the conclusion of this program, participants have passed both written and oral exams, as well as written a post-certification reflective essay. Certificate holders also agree: to provide video samples of their classes, to collaborate in the analysis of class videos, and to adhere to the standards of safety, professionalism and excellence established by Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training™ 

16-Hour Certification Program Cost:

  • $549.00 per person training fee

Additional Information:

  • Detailed rigging, installation and bungee sales/information are available. Our provider is Paul from Adrenalin Dreams. Guidance will be provided on what to specifically purchase.

  • Additional choreographic assistance, structure, guidance and consultation can be provided on a monthly basis for a small fee, inquire for more details

  • Typically the entire rig per person (including harness) amounts to $560.00 per rig

  • For more information to enroll please call 917-447-6285, skype karenfuhrman, or email

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