Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training LIVE is the best place to continue developing your skills in Aerial Bungee . This licensing perk offers daily updates from Karen A. Fuhrman along with hours and hours of informational video content to help optimize your mind, body, spirit and business. Content includes Grounded Aerial® original support and training videos as well as user-submitted footage and images from recently certified GA®BT trainers around the world. 

Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training certification and licensing requires NO annual re-certification. However, once certified, trainers are obliged to:

  • provide video samples of their classes
  • collaborate in the analysis of class videos
  • adhere to the standards of safety, professionalism and excellence established by Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training


Grounded Aerial® offers comprehensive and interactive support 24/7. GA®BT LIVE is an efficient and effective way to stay connected to trainers across the world. Accessing Grounded Aerial® cutting edge choreography motivates and rejuvenates clients’ interest and the movements are fun and challenging for all levels.  

Benefits of GABT ® LIVE :

1. Continued updated information and insights

2. Cataloged video of individual terms/skills available 24/7 

3. Monthly “Watch a full class” developed by Owner and Artistic Director Karen A. Fuhrman. There is notated and broken-down information as the class is being taught.  This allows understanding new moves, comprehending the lesson plan, seeing trouble-shooting in effect, and also observing Karen in action and the application of mind/body/spirit- while keeping it fun and cardio filled!

4. Blog providing international support, business networking, problem-solving, troubleshooting, creative ideas and community.

5. Videos from GA®BT instructors from around the world are selected monthly and are highlighted on our website. Promoting your gym at a global level. 

GA®BT includes access to our acclaimed and elite aerial community. This is a great way to stay connected to Grounded Aerial® trainers across the world.  At just $25 per month this is one of the lowest cost fitness licensing programs in the world.

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