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Continued Education

What is GABT LIVE Membership?

    GA®BT LIVE is our support center for trainees and certified trainers. Learn from our 20 years of experience and interact with our international community. This is the place of growth and problem solving. Whether it’s how to modify a move or develop profitable business practices, we support each other and navigate toward clarity and mutual success.

    All bungee trainees receive 1 month of access included in the training fee. Once certified, trainers have the option to subscribe and continue receiving all the tools and resources that GA®BT LIVE offers. Exclusive to trainees and certified trainers, the content provided on GA®BT LIVE is one way we ensure our trainers are the most knowledgable and responsible bungee instructors in the world.

What is included?

  • Support network and discussion forum with studio owners and trainers around the world.
  • Instructional videos of individual terms/skills available on-demand
  • Download the latest manual version, lesson plans, and marketing materials
  • Class videos with new choreography featured each month. Learn from veteran instructors with on-screen teaching tips
  • Access to the full Grounded Aerial® blog written by Wren & Jason
  • Links to your studio on our website and inclusion in our studio locator feature
  • Featured videos from our top trainers
“Membership is super helpful and supportive. They are available to answer any questions that I have, are very knowledgeable, and tops in the industry- ensuring safety and fun for everyone, on an ongoing basis”.


“Grounded Aerial is really thorough in following through. As a member, I felt cared for and guided with new material, mindset enhancements, teaching strategies, and on-going advice.”


Karen and I developed a friendship that began with the certification. It continued through GABT LIVE membership with guidance and tons of additional information that helped keep my material fresh, and teaching above par.”

-GABT LIVE member

“Continued counseling and helpful hints by Grounded Aerial, and trainers around the world, help me to enhance and maintain my bungee journey. Really great and needed assitance.”

-GABT LIVE member

Where you continue
your education and
join the community

New phrases broken down into bite sized, level appropriate pieces are downloaded periodically for you to contiue your personal growth . Utilize our message board so we can answer questions or begin discussions with our international community. This is a global support group of like-minded leaders that learn from each other. We connect the movers, studio owners, and fitness gurus around the world.


How do I get access? Once you are registered for a training, you can create an account. Previously certified trainers, not currently taking advantage of this resource, can sign up by clicking here.
How much is it?
The price of membership is $20 per month. You can cancel at any time. Membership fees allow us to invest in producing high-quality educational materials including lesson plans, fresh marketing materials, and annotated video content. Membership also includes the use of the Grounded Aerial® trademark and logo to give your bungee program credibility from the jump!
How do I cancel?
Cancel anytime by emailing or calling us!

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