Coronavirus Update

Grounded Aerial’s number one priority will always be the safety of our clients. Bungee, Silk and Lyra classes require close physical interaction and our programming thrives on our ability to play in close social groups. Sharing fun experiences is what we’re all about.

With the recent proliferation of the Coronavirus in Montgomery County, PA, our commitment to safety remains paramount. All Grounded Aerial classes will be postponed for the next 2 weeks (3/12-3/26). We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause our customers. We will refund the full purchase price of any prepaid classes, events or party bookings as requested.

As leaders in the aerial community, we feel a strong social responsibility to heed the warnings provided by this virus’ impacts in other countries such as China, Iran and Italy. Karen and Jason have been monitoring the local, national, and international responses and outcomes of the COVID-19 virus intensely since it was first reported in December of 2019. Our advice: hangout at home.

While hand-washing and proper hygiene are always a good idea, no amount of soap, sanitizer, or disinfectant wipes will stop the transmission of an airborne virus with a 2-14 day incubation period. Contagious individuals may show no signs of illness during this fourteen day window. The best way to combat such an invisible pathogen is to reduce the transmission opportunities by limiting close personal contact.

Our response during the next two weeks will prove critical in mitigating the severity of this virus to at-risk populations (your father, my mother, Suzie’s neighbors’ grandparents, Fred’s asthmatic, second cousin). We all know someone who could become a tragic statistic.

The relative trajectory of the virus in countries with aggressive safe-guards and sound public health policy, such as South Korea, gives us hope that social distancing and preventative self-imposed quarantine will reduce the transmission rate as well as the strain placed on healthcare services.

We appreciate your understanding of this unique situation and look forward to resuming a regular class schedule as soon as possible. 



Jason Heartsfield

Karen A. Fuhrman-Heartsfield

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