Laugh like a kid and fly like a superhero!

World-recognized Grounded Aerial® offers bungee classes that are dynamic and soul-feeding. Finally a way to get a killer work out, and not even realize it!  Our two decades of leadership in the aerial world make our classes challenging, level appropriate for all types, and just plain FUN! We know how to guide you to empowerment and joyful flight.

I can fly. My teeth are dry I’m smiling so much

Beginner or Open level classes are perfect for our first-time flyers with limited fitness training or those looking to get into shape.

Intermediate level classes offer a challenge to all and are recommended for those with a high level of fitness.

Purchase information:

-Price varies per location, first class as low as $20
-You must first create an account with MindBody to sign up for a class! (Please enter approximate weight, so we can have the best equipment for your flight!) 
-Each person must sign up for themselves with a separate account (same email address can be used to create an account for children)
-Mindbody does NOT accept American Express. 

If you have any questions about signing up for classes, call us!  917-447-6285





Ballet and Lyrical classes that focus on form, artistry, and expression.  These classes will help the line of the gymnast, and also enhance their performance and understanding in the art of dance. Twenty years of NYC teaching, choreographing, and performing experience taught by professor and professional dancer Karen A. Fuhrman.  She engages the students with humor, razor sharp focus, and clear vision that supports and develop the dancer as a technician and artist. For private dance instruction or to request a class time please contact Karen Fuhrman at



Silks classes are great for enhancing upper body and core strength. Grounded Aerial® instructors teach all the basic holds, locks and inversions necessary to start your aerial career. Whether you have high-flying circus ambitions or just want to hang out and get fit, our silks classes are a great way to enhance your strength, stamina and have fun at the same time.



Choreography Development and Creation – 6 year olds to senior citizens: everyone can make dances. For non-dancers! Ms. Fuhrman has toured the world holding workshops such as these via the modern dance company Pilobolus. Utilizing team-building strategies, we develop our self-esteem, stimulate creativity, get a great work out, and laugh a lot. From girls night out to executives that need to work on their communication skills…this is fun.

Line and Strengthening -This class can be for novices to pre-professionals to work on their ballet, stretch, and strength. Exercises and combinations that will enhance performance, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.

Character Development -Ms. Fuhrman assists and facilitates what the artist is already working on. She takes her 20 years in the industry and enhances the piece with technical precision and detailed artistry. With an already created piece, or an idea requiring further developement– this class helps develop work to the next level via journaling, lecturing, and application. (for the air or on the ground)

Stretch for All– The advantages of stretch have been proven scientifically as a giant aid to health and happiness. A combination of yoga, ballet, and Pilate’s accessible to all levels enables enhanced movement to all types.  With her Masters in Dance Education, Ms. Fuhrman gently and diligently assists each person to relax, strengthen, let go, and stretch via breath, imagery, and anatomical aides.

Tumbling for Adults– Want to do that handstand again?  Work on feeling comfortable upside down?  Get a workout that is just different and fun?  Jason Heartsfield as taught ALL level tumbling to all ages.  He’s safe, clear and supportive. (and really fun)

Contact Improv class/ Weight sharing– learn to move with a partner and develop muscles and communication skills that enhance your physique and ability to interact and problem-solve with others. For ALL ages and movers.  Improves stability and balance.  A ton of exploration that helps illuminate the importance of staying in present moment and that application to life.  Very therapeutic.

Wall Dancing– Dancing and flipping on the wall. A ridiculous work-out, perspective shifter, a really fun time– and another reality of the horizontal aerial world.  Abs for days.


Student Testimonials

“Aerial is a useful skill in the evolving theater world, and I want to know and experience all I can for the competitive professional edge…awesome class!” -James Bullard, NYC professional actor

“As an amateur dancer, I never imagined I could move this way….the air becomes so exhilarating.”
-David Schleifer, Mover

“This workshop was the perfect combination of adventure and encouraging attention. The amount of experience we got in the air was phenomenal.” -Liz Buehler, Professional dancer

“Weightlessness, expression, and a fierce work out. ” -Jon Morris, Off-broadway show, Fuerza Bruta professional aerialist

“THANK YOU so much for such a thrilling class!!!! AHHHHH!!!! You ROCK!! ” -Karina Casiano, Professional actress

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