Laugh like a kid and fly like a superhero!

World-recognized Grounded Aerial® offers classes that are dynamic and soul-feeding. Finally a way to get a killer work out, and not even realize it!  Our two decades of leadership in the aerial world make our classes challenging, level appropriate for all types, and just plain FUN! We know how to guide you to empowerment and joyful flight.


Bungee – Laugh like a kid, and fly like a superhero. World-recognized Grounded Aerial® offers a bungee classes that are dynamic, ridiculous fun, empowering and enlightening. A way to get a killer work out, and to also express yourself! Grounded Aerial’s expertise in teaching pedagogy, coupled with 2 decades of professional aerial experience, makes it challenging and incredibly rewarding as well. Class participants work at their own pace with various modifications/challenges for all levels. Limited spots.


Silks – Learn how to fly and dance safely and creatively on the silks- like in the circus! This is also a great addition to gymnastics training for upper body strength and deep abdominal strengthening. This class safely covers all your aerial silk basics. Students will increase strength and flexibility as they are taught basic hangs, climbs, locks, and inversions.


Aerial Hoop (Lyra) – Develop your core and upper body strength while learning graceful movements in the Lyra. Also known as Aerial Hoop, this fun and challenging apparatus is often featured in circus acts such as Cirque du Soleil. If you or your kids have aspirations of joining the circus or if you’re just tired of them climbing up your walls, send them to Grounded Aerial® Lyra class.

Parents’ Night Out

Grounded Aerial® Parents’ Night Out: Kids Night Up is an opportunity for parents to spend a night out while we entertain the kids. We facilitate a variety of fun games, free play, aerial bungee and silks basics. We provide light snacks and purified water. (Please bring your own refillable water bottle to reduce our paper cup consumption). Hosted at Feet First Dance Studio
(710 Wheatland St. Phoenixville, PA).

Purchase information:

-Price varies per location, first class as low as $20
-You must first create an account with MindBody to sign up for a class! (Please enter approximate weight, so we can have the best equipment for your flight!) 
-Each person must sign up for themselves with a separate account (same email address can be used to create an account for children)
-Mindbody does NOT accept American Express. 

If you have any questions about signing up for classes, call us!  917-447-6285










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