2018 European Tour

If you would like to find out more info about Training and Licensing or to learn about the benefits of hosting a training or workshop at your facility, please contact us at the link below. Don’t forget to let us know where you’re located. 

We are excited to be holding training/licensing in Etoy, Switzerland at La Tete en l’Air on July 14th and 15th. To register click here

Grounded Aerial® exists to spread the joy of aerial dance through education and performance. Over the last 18 years, our passion, experience and dedication to safety have enabled us to bounce and fly around the World. Grounded Aerial® is perspective-shifting, heart-pumping, soul-cleansing fun. Allow your mind, body and spirit to be free. Let’s fly. 

Grounded Aerial® has a complete range of programs for all levels and abilities. Outlined below is our educational curriculum complete with pricing information. For more information about Grounded Aerial® performance pricing and program offerings please contact groundedaerial@gmail.com


Grounded Aerial® bungee classes teach dynamic and graceful movements aided by a bungee and safety harness.

Grounded Aerial® bungee class Feb. 24, 2018


Traditional ground-based dance classes are also expertly delivered by Karen A. Fuhrman.


What a great and energetic group!

D18 Milford Haven Wales

Ninja and Gymnastics based programs are delivered by Jason Heartsfield.

More Class Info

Grounded Aerial® Bungee Classes allow anyone to experience a fun and physically challenging hour of flight. Movements augmented by the bungee are incredibly empowering, rewarding, and addictive. Although flying might appear easy in videos, it is harder than it looks. Modifications and challenges can be applied to any term to decrease or increase the difficulty. Class participants work at their own pace with needed modifications/challenges.
To achieve confidence in motion, class participants must listen to and respond with the bungee. Fighting the will of the bungee is an exercise in futility; you’ll tire before it does. Accepting the strength of the bungee and beginning to move within it’s suggestions are one of the many physical/spiritual metaphors reinforced during Grounded Aerial® bungee classes. $35/hr
Traditional dance instruction is also available from Grounded Aerial® Owner, Karen A. Fuhrman, in a variety of forms. In addition to typically structured classes, Karen also facilitates in-depth musical theater and character-based workshops.

Straight technique classes for ALL adult levels in: Modern, Ballet, Musical Theater, Jazz, Tap, Tumbling, Ninja obstacle courses, Juggling…and more.


Choreography Development and Creation  (for 6 year olds to senior citizens,–Everyone can make dances. For non-dancers!!)  Ms. Fuhrman has toured the world holding workshops such as these via the modern dance company, Pilobolus.  Utilizing team-building strategies, we develop our self-esteem, stimulate creativity, get a great work out, and laugh a lot. From womens’ night-out, to executives that need to work on their communication skills…this is a fun and liberating experience for all.


Line and Strengthening This class can be for novices to pre-professionals to work on their ballet, stretch, and strength.  Exercises and combinations that will enhance performance, aerobic and anaerobic conditioning.


Character Development Classes- Ms. Fuhrman assists and facilitates what the artist is already working on.  She takes her 20 years in the industry and enhances the piece with technical precision and detailed artistry. With an already created piece, or an idea that desires to be fleshed out– this class helps develop work to the next level via journaling, lecturing, and application. (for the air or on the ground). Participants often praise Karen’s ability to allow creative exploration into a character’s movements. We feely investigate shapes/actions/motivations/inspirations/limitations and their influence on body language, posture, gate, gaze, speech and more. 


Stretch for All- The advantages of stretch have been proven scientifically as a giant aid to health and happiness. A combination of yoga, ballet, and Pilates accessible to all levels enables enhanced movement to all types.  With her Masters in Dance Education, Ms. Fuhrman gently and diligently assists each person to relax, strengthen, let go, and stretch via breath, imagery, and anatomical aides.


Contact Improv class/ Weight sharing classes- learn to move with a partner and develop muscles and communication skills that enhance your physique and ability to interact and problem-solve with others. For ALL ages and movers.  Improves stability and balance.  A ton of exploration that helps illuminate the importance of staying in present moment and that application to life.  Very therapeutic.


Wall Dancing Classes– Dancing and flipping on the wall. A ridiculous work out, perspective shifter, a really fun time– and another reality of the horizontal aerial world!  

Ninja and Gymnastics based classes are delivered by Jason Heartsfield. His multi-sport background, includes Gymnastics from both a competitor’s and coach’s point of view. The highly technical nature of the sport has greatly influenced his thoughts and attitude in life.
Ninjas are aware, fair, and they care.

Ninja obstacle course @ D18 in Milford Haven. Day 2. Ninjas smile.

Our workshops allow a deeper exploration into terms, and group movement principles. Grounded Aerial® hosts dynamic workshops focusing on skill development and execution. We take great pride in our community-focused atmosphere which allows judgment-free expression and growth. 
March 11th, 2018

Grounded Aerial® double point workshop hosted by Aeriform Arts, Los Angeles, CA

More Workshop Info

Previous Grounded Aerial® class experience is recommended but not required for registration into a workshop. Workshops are intensely physically and mentally demanding (and fun)! If your movement background is novice level we highly recommend registering for a Grounded Aerial® class from a certified instructor. $125/2hr    $250/4hr
Workshops serve as a stepping stone towards certification and licensing. These fun, low-cost, skill-focused, 2-4 hour sessions provide an intermediate step between a one-hour bungee class and a sixteen-hour certification/licensing agreement. We can also custom design a workshop for the needs of your students as we did with the members of Hijinx Theatre at Studio 17 in Wales.
GA®BT Certification/Licensing
Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training is a 16-hour course and licensing agreement which teaches the professional instruction of aerial bungee. We guide trainers through safety instruction, terminology, pedagogy, spiritual mindsets and application, business practices, maintenance and more. 


More Certification/Licensing Info

Requirements and terms
Certificate applicants must first attend a workshop, to satisfaction, prior to enrolling in Grounded Aerial® Trainings. An extensive movement and/or teaching background may be submitted to waive this requirement. Final licensing eligibility is established after a three part exam testing trainers’ written knowledge, movement capability and teaching prowess.
Licensing fee $25/month provides licensed trainers access to GA®BT LIVE. This members only section of www.groundedaerial.com is an abundance of educational support, info on class structures, streaming music, and user generated content.
Grounded Aerial® licensed trainers demonstrate excellence in all domains. Grounded Aerial® aspires to maintain our spotless safety record as well as artistic excellence. Depending on exam results, Grounded Aerial® will either mail the certificate immediately, or potentially require a 6 week probationary period for those who have not completed the requirements of the exams on a satisfactory level. If needed, we ask for additional study, exam corrections and video evidence illustrating mastery of deficient areas.
$850/Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training 
$25/mo License fee

What is included in Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training?

Grounded Aerial® certification program will empower those who complete it to deliver professionally-founded artistic instruction from the innovative cutting edge of aerial fitness and art, backed by world renowned Grounded Aerial®.

In our certification and licensing program trainers will receive:

-Digital manual. Revised and re-uploaded every 90 days or less. (hardcopy available for $50. Revised at time of print)

-GA®BT LIVE username/password

GA®BT LIVE is our commitment to education, collaboration, new creative ideas, and safety. Also included under licensing agreement, is access to GA® apparel. Only licensed trainers will have access to apparel and the ability to re-sell GA® merchandise. GA® licensed trainers will also have the ability to audit any GA® class, workshop, or same level certification at no cost.  Finally, GA® licensed trainers will also have their name and location on our website.  We can help you grow with 18 years of targeted SEO in the aerial world.

-harness safety

-history of aerial dance

-the connection of flight with the mind, body, and spirit

-specific class themes, choreography and repertoire

-bungee maintenance, safety, and rigging

-how to customize to your studios’ dimensions and needs and work with the manufacturer’s formula-

-how to teach empowerment and individualized growth

-posture benefits, safety modifications and challenges

-how to correct with hands-on adjustments

-class structure, lesson plans and formatting

-Business tips and calculation worksheet

-Pedagogy of fitness and artistic focus that has been honed over the last 20 years

Additional Information:

Detailed rigging, installation and bungee sales/information is also included. Our provider is Paul, from Adrenalin Dreams. Guidance on gear is also available at https://www.adrenalindreams.com

Additional choreographic assistance, structure, guidance and consultation can be found at GA®BT LIVE

Typically the entire rig per person amounts to $360.00

For more information to enroll please call 917-447-6285, skype karenfuhrman, or email groundedaerial@gmail.com

Angharad James we love you and Scott, and Tom and everyone from Wales. Cheers! Diolch

Karen basking in beautiful and rare Welsh sunshine. Angharad James we love you and Scott, and Tom and everyone from Wales. Cheers! Diolch


Learn more about Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training



Everything you every wanted to know about GA®BT


Our unique program concentrates on mind, body, spirit via bungee.  This dynamic, fun, empowering, and enlightening workout is more than just skills and reps.  Ground Aerial’s® expertise in teaching pedagogy coupled with almost 2 decades of professional aerial experience make this course one of the most highly sought-after certification programs in the world.


What makes Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training special?

•18 years bungee experience at all levels

•Karen A. Fuhrman– Master in Dance Education. Dance Professor at DeSales University

•Certified all over the world

•Professional photographs included for your promotional use

•Low-cost licensing 

•Continuing online education/support

•World-wide network of bungee trainers

•Neutral and informed mindset on all gear (no equipment contracts)

More info at FAQs

 Q: Why Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training certification over the other guys?


 A: Experience! Bungee dance, in the United States, and the world for that matter, is quite new and uncharted territory.  So, we here at Grounded Aerial® take our pioneering and innovative system very seriously, as we realize that we are setting the bar for all to follow.I have been teaching and performing aerial bungee for the last 18 years, I have been a professional dancer in NYC for 20 years, have my Masters Degree in Dance Education from NYU, and own an aerial dance company which performs in different venues around the world.

Paul, the owner of Adrenalin Dreams  endorses Grounded Aerial®.  He is one of the leading manufacturer of bungee systems in the world.  I say this to legitimize my history, and to give you some highlights of my biography.  

I have developed and honed the GA®BT system slowly, mindfully, and with fine-tuned mastery.  It is my passion.  

It is an honor and joy to bring aerial bungee movement to the masses, and I would love to talk to you more on the phone to answer any questions.  Our legitimacy is of great importance, and we certainly have the history, creative and pragmatic focus, spotless safety record, and testimonies to illustrate just that!


I wanted to let you know I taught my first five (yes five!) bungee classes this weekend. They went really well — all five were sold out! And, I said “surrender” and “#justlikelife” in every class!Thank you again so much for the great training.
Elin Waterston

South Salem NY

Karen’s passion for bungee training is infectious! Just did the Harleysville training and it was such a cool and fun experience! The training is so informative and she really devotes herself to helping you learn every aspect of the course! Jason, Phoenix and Rabbit were awesome too! Cannot wait to do this on a regular basis!

Courtney Frey

Lewistown, PA

Grounded aerial is absolutely one of the best places to meet great people, get a great workout, and learn something about yourself that you never thought you could do before. As an aspiring professional dancer and performer and teacher, I admire Karen for what she does and how she has such a passion for aerial bungee and passing that knowledge and love on to others.

Gabrielle FitzPatrick
Delanco, NJ

I’ve just completed the course in Wales and it was amazing! Karen and Jason are so welcoming I felt at ease immediately. Thank you so much guys.

Mel Kirk

Doncaster, UK

Super crazy amazing! Energy was off the chart and I love the idea of every aspect of this new fitness genre!!! CANT WAIT TO TEACH IT!!
Lori Aragona

Port Saint Lucie, FL

I just completed the Grounded Aerial Bungee Training Certification which was held in Los Angeles. Such a great experience! Karen and Jason are awesome teachers..extremely knowledgeable with the ability to convey that knowledge. The class was well structured and super informative. I felt support from both of them on all levels which created an atmosphere of trust, relaxation and acceptance. And oh so much fun!

Susan Wileman

Ventura, CA


Karen A. Fuhrman has her M.A. from NYU. Performing for Pilobolus, the Oscars, Ellen Degeneres, Good Morning America, Conan O’ Brian, Cavalia, De La Guarda, MOMIX, VH1/Vogue Fashion Awards,, etc..  Grounded Aerial has appeared at Yerba Buena’s Arts Festival, Microsoft’s worldwide launch, Limelight club, Company (Barcelona), Bidvest International (South Africa), Guatemala City World Cup, Skirball Theater (NYC), Baila! (Guatemala City), Spiderman release party, Usher, Hammerstein Ballroom, the Kimmel Center (Philadelphia,) the ESPN awards, the Lincoln Center, America’s Got Talent, Beach House music video, Studio 54, Lagos Nigeria, Sleep No More, Off Broadway show Red Flamboyant, NBC’s “I Can Do That” and Broadway musical, Matilda. She conceptualized two evening-length aerial shows, one performed on the side of a 22-strory building (Rochester Fringe) and other (Insectinside) though out the US. Grounded has held countless workshops in the States and abroad. She was in Halifax ​customizing specialized flying apparatuses for the movement impaired, and currently an adjunct modern and jazz dance professor at De Sales University.  Most recently, her aerial choreography premiered at the Guggenheim Museum in ​NYC this October.​


Q: How long is the course?

A: 2 eight hour days or 3 six hour days 


Q: Do I need aerial experience to become certified?

A: Absolutely not! A movement background helps, but everyone can learn how to fly, and how to teach it with safe, efficient ease. If you have limited movement history, classes and a workshop would be strongly advised. Walk before you run.


Grounded Aerial® Bungee Trainers demonstrate excellence in all domains. Grounded Aerial® aspires to maintain our spotless safety record as well as artistic excellence. Depending on the exam results, Grounded Aerial® will either mail the certificate immediately, or potentially require a 6 week probationary period for students that have not completed the requirements of the exams on a satisfactory level. If needed, we ask for the students to study the exam and send in changes from their original test, and to send video of their movement progress on their bungee system illustrating competence and growth in understanding the terms/repertoire.

Please know that we are here to help, and anyone (with diligence and perseverance) can become certified!



Q: What is the licensing fee?

A: As a requirement for certification, trainers will sign a limited licensing agreement for $25 per month. (Billed monthly or annually). This small fee allows us to offer continued support with GA®BT LIVE. Grounded Aerial® LIVE  is an efficient and affective way to stay connected to trainers across the world.  Accessing Grounded Aerial® cutting edge choreography motivates and rejuvenates clients’ interest and the movements are fun and challenging for all levels.  

New phrases performed by professional aerialists (broken down in clear beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels) can be accessed via a password.  Message board comments can also be posted to answer questions or begin discussions with our international community.  This is truly a global connection and support group of like-minded folk that learn from each other. We connect aerial movers, studio owners, and fitness gurus around the world.


Here is the breakdown of what you receive:

The benefits of Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training LIVE

​1. Frequent content updates 

2. Cataloged individual terms always available 24/7

3. Monthly “Watch a full class” developed by Owner and Artistic Director Karen A. Fuhrman. This is executed by the professional aerialists of Grounded Aerial Core Performers.

4. Blog for international support, business networking, problem-solving, troubleshooting, creative ideas, and community.

​5. Comprehensive music play lists that guide the time, skill element, music tempo, and specific focus.

6. Videos from GA®BT instructors from around the world are selected monthly and are highlighted on our website. Promoting your gym at a global level.



 Q: Can you travel to us, and certify GA®BT at our studio?

A: Yes! We have toured through out the United States and other countries such as Canada, Brazil, Guatemala, France and soon the UK. The minimum amount of clients for us to come to you is five students in the GA®BT workshop.  The max we have worked with is twenty-two clients!  That particular workshop was a 24-hour course that spanned over 4 days.  We tweak the certification with each studio, depending on their demographic and clientele.  Our goal is to have a serendipitous relationship where each party lifts each other.  


Q: What are the ideal dimensions for Grounded Aerial® to come to my studio?

A: The ideal studio ceiling height would be 12 ft or higher.  We can have lower, but that would necessitate purchasing additional bungees for your particular studio.  Square footage around 30 feet by 30 feet.  This is quite large, and we can go smaller, as well!  Ceiling points every 10 feet is ideal.   Eight feet between points is the minimum safe distance Grounded Aerial® recommends for points used simultaneously.



Q: Do you teach other classes?


A: We do this too!  Karen, is a professional dancer that is a professor at a University, and Jason has been coaching for the last 20 years.  While we certify your trainers in GABT ®, we can also offer straight Modern, Jazz, and Musical theater technique, tumbling, improvisational, varying aerial apparatus classes, choreographic development, line for the circus artist, juggling classes and more.  We figure, if we are there on your turf for a period of time, why not offer additional options as well!


Q: How can I involve my local community and stir up more interest?

A: Grounded Aerial® encourages community enrichment programs.  This helps give a communal feel for the locals (all levels for children and adults). After a week or month of classes/workshops, they’re usually is an informal or grand showcase of the work that was created. The community really appreciates the opportunity to show off their new skills, and people tend to get very excited to try bungee for themselves! Great fun, and great publicity.



Q: Do you have a performance troupe?

A: Grounded Aerial® Core Performers can share the stage for the showcase and perform segments of our repertoire or we can also perform a full even-length show.  We always look forward to developing a perfect mix that works best for your gym or studio, your clients, and the community within the time frame that is ideal.


Send us your bungee video HERE  for your chance to be highlighted on our front page!

This month’s featured GA® Bungee Trainer is Elin Waterston from South Salem, NY. (end1212@gmail.com)


Interested in aerial bungee classes or Grounded Aerial® Bungee Training certification? Register here to begin.

Nov 4th & 5th GABT™ certification in Philadelphia

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