Grounded Aerial® classes allow anyone to experience a fun and physically challenging hour of flight. Grounded Aerial® bungee classes teach dynamic and graceful movements aided by a bungee and safety harness. Movements augmented by the bungee are incredibly empowering, rewarding, and addictive. 

Although flying might appear easy in videos, it is harder than it looks. Modifications and challenges can be applied to any term to decrease or increase the difficulty. Class participants work at their own pace with needed modifications/challenges.

To achieve confidence in motion, class participants must listen to and respond with the bungee. Fighting the will of the bungee is an exercise in futility; you’ll tire before it does. Accepting the strength of the bungee and beginning to move within it’s suggestions are one of the many physical/spiritual metaphors reinforced during Grounded Aerial® classes. $35/hr







Group Bonding and exploration
A group-effort class that focuses on team building and communications skills. Half of the class is in the air, and the other half is on the ground. (then we switch) This is a workshop for people that want to investigate group conflict/resolution. Via critical thinking, physical demands, and the exploring of movement, captivating group pieces are created…almost as an afterthought! Find out how to work together in a totally fun and innovative way. Often this course results in deep bonds due to the creative process that usually involves laughter, discussions, and focused concentration. You and your co-movers will be talking about this for years, and you’ll have the footage to show for it.



Student Testimonials

“Aerial is a useful skill in the evolving theater world, and I want to know and experience all I can for the competitive professional edge…awesome class!” -James Bullard, NYC professional actor

“As an amateur dancer, I never imagined I could move this way….the air becomes so exhilarating.”
-David Schleifer, Mover

“This workshop was the perfect combination of adventure and encouraging attention. The amount of experience we got in the air was phenomenal.” -Liz Buehler, Professional dancer

“Weightlessness, expression, and a fierce work out. ” -Jon Morris, Off-broadway show, Fuerza Bruta professional aerialist

“THANK YOU so much for such a thrilling class!!!! AHHHHH!!!! You ROCK!! ” -Karina Casiano, Professional actress

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