authentic-movementYou are a strong woman. No doubt… Let’s show that on the outside too.

Karen A. Fuhrman has enabled, mentored, motivated, and trained countless movers from professional to total novices through out the world. With her Master’s in movement (kinesthetic prowess with a kind, clear awareness) Karen will playfully yet efficiently lead you to your intended body.

This is a spiritual investigation via movement that results in strength, fluidity, and flexibility.

Absolutely no dance background is needed. Let yourself go and leave judgment at the door!!

It would be an honor to move with you. In an intimate studio, via yoga moves, Pilates and dance, we will move through stress, stretch the body and mind, and strengthen overall to music in your own unique and FUN way.

Let go and feel the way you were born to move Did you ever hear of the phrase, dance like no one is watching? Let’s really free ourselves and tap into the creative juices (while unintentionally get a killer work out)! This is a guided movement class for adults who want to “let go of themselves” and find their inner dance. We will explore via breath, imagery, and free form how to dance for your self. Students have found bliss during these classes…some have smiled for an hour strait, while others have contemplated deep seeded issues for numerous classes. Whatever you needs, your body will tell you- and I will help facilitate and investigate your progress toward acceptance with joy, closure, and playful peace.

With her Masters in Dance Education/Choreography, Ms. Fuhrman also has taught “straight” technique classes through out various universities and studios across the US and Europe.  Modern dance, improvisation, and choreography classes are her forte.


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