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Grounded Aerial is a visceral, innovative combination of modern dance and uniquely rigged aerial elements. We create mind-and-body-bending choreography and vibrant interactive characters for both theatrical performances and corporate events/advertising. We will soon announce the opening of our performance studio in Philadelphia, The Motion Center. This performance space will host a variety of exciting movement classes and activities beginning soon.

By utilizing the dimensions of each space, we craft pieces specifically for each venue never to be duplicated for any other event. Our technically trained dancers come from such backgrounds as Stomp, De La Guarda, Momix, Blueman Group, Cirque du Soleil, and Pilobolus.

  • Director: Karen A. Fuhrman
  • Phone: +(917) 447-6285
  • E-mail: groundedaerial@gmail.com
  • Address: www.themotioncenterpa.com
What we do
  • Performances
    Emotionally charged choreography amplified into the air.

    Our technically trained professional dancers and aerialists come from such backgrounds as Cirque du Soleil, Momix, Stomp, and Pilobolus. While captivating the audience with “wow factor” feats, Grounded also recognizes the importance of both artistry and plot. We combine these seamlessly! Our team specialize in mind-body bending choreography and vibrant interactive characters. On the side of a building or performing on a traditional proscenium stage…for a highlight in a concert, or commercial branding purposes. Grounded’s has proven via many happy clients and audiences that we will take your event to a new breathtaking high– both literally and figuratively.

    Watch VIDEO of performance reel here

  • Personal mind/body/spirit Training
    As I toured around the world from...

    As I toured around the world from hotel room to hotel room, I began to develop a system to keep me in top performance condition. By combining dance, yoga, Pilates, and customized strengthening exercises we laugh, move, breath, work, and feel our way to a place of better overall health. Through this system, I have enabled countless movers from professional to total novices through out the world….including myself! With kinesthetic prowess and a kind, clear (joy filled) awareness, it is my honor to playfully yet efficiently lead you to your intended body.

    We’ll strengthen to your music, in your home (or chosen location), on your schedule. As you find your personal peace and strength in your body, mind, and spirit- you’ll release stress and actually have an amazing time doing it. Even after just one session, you’ll feel taller, more connected to your higher power, and energized.

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  • Workshops and Classes
    I have taught workshops in various universities...

    I have taught workshops in various universities and studios through out the United States and also internationally. My classes are an incredibly unique educational experience in dance, aerial, and improvisational theater. Flyers/movers get a fierce work out with creative artistry and personal investigation as the focus. With my combined history with Pilobolus Dance Company, Master’s in Dance Education/Choreography from NYU, and 20 years as a professional dancer/aerialist in NYC I guide the class through an undeniably unforgettable experience that enlightens and develops all levels of movers.

    Watch VIDEO of classes here

  • Therapeutic Retreats
    After many years of teaching straight dance...

    After many years of teaching straight dance, and aerial educational workshops to performers, I have found that there are beautiful cathartic experiences that happen in the air. There is a freedom with harness work that is naturally interwoven in the process of expression. I began to intentionally incorporate therapeutic messages, and investigating letting go of control, various types of stressors, and other hard topics that plague our happiness. My retreats on health wellness and movement exploration/therapy, both on the ground and in the air organically formed! I pull from rich sources of dance, aerial, formal education, and kinesthetic understanding and incorporate this into each class. These unique experiences are incredible workouts, indeed– but flyers/movers feel revived, centered, and activated in their souls as well. This aerial is different…we are not typical silk classes! We dig deep into the psyche and fly and move our way to betterment.

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Johannesburg, South Africa

Four 35-foot towers of scaffolding placed around and within the audience for a black tie event evening.…

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Chance Encounters

Kimmel Center, Philadelphia

Philadelphia International Festival of the Arts, Kimmel Center. 

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Side of a 30 story building, NYC

Microsoft’s worldwide Vista and Office Logo launch. For both the international and national press, GROUNDED Aerial flew 16 aerialists across, around, and on the 200 foot outside wall.…

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Various venues throughout states

Insectinside is an emotionally charged aerial play that has been in development for the last six years…

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Grounded Dreams

Out door venues

Grounded Aerial enchanted audiences at the Festival of the Fools in Burlington, Vermont, flitting through the trees on a whimsical quest for dreams…

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Medeski, Martin, and Wood Concert

Hammerstein Ballroom, NYC

A cooperative effort with the jazz-fusion band Medeski, Martin and Wood to augment a performance for over 2000 guests.

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